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A Mom Doesn’t Want To Dress For Her 40’s

I had a pretty bad day yesterday that  I’d like to share with you. Every morning I have a bit of a routine. I wake up before everyone else in the house. I come downstairs make my coffee, take my vitamins, and blissfully sit at my counter with my computer and visit my favorite sites. Gossip, news, fashion. I cover it all in about 45 minutes…in silence.

My go to fashion site as you know is WhoWhatWear. It gives me great fashion, beauty and decor tips. So yesterday when I clicked on the article The Trends You Should Invest In According to Your Age,  I was excited to see what they had in store for me.

I painfully scrolled through the 20’s, the 30’s, and finally arrived at the 40’s to find their recommendation:

40s bell sleeves

boring bell sleeves

Bell Sleeves. Bell Sleeves!! Why don’t they just tell me to wear cats. Or to just sew up my vagina. Are they telling me that in my 40’s, all that is left for me in fashion are puffy sleeves? Do they think I don’t do tricep exercises? Do they think when I wave my arms in the air as I dance that others need to be protected?

Is JLO, 46 telling her stylist to get bell sleeves for her Vegas show? Is Gwyneth selling bell sleeves on her Goop site?

jlo bell sleeves

Look how shocked she is about being told to wear Bell Sleeves.

Look how shocked she is about being told to wear Bell Sleeves.

And I know, I know, they are not the typical women in their 40s, but neither are we. 40’s is not what is used to be. We are more fit, and sexier than maybe we were in our 20’s. In my 20’s, I didn’t work out very much, I didn’t know how to really take care of myself. Couldn’t even spell the word exfoliate. But now, I pay attention. So with working out, and diet, and a healthier lifestyle, carry the two, subtract 4, divide by 7, we can think of ourselves as younger than our forties.

As a sort of revenge, I’ve been starting to make a few purchases of my own for springtime, and not in the 40’s category. Check out my recent favorite purchases and the ones on my To Buy list:


And maybe, maybe  I’ll try their look with cut off jean shorts or ass less chaps should I happen to be invited to a luncheon supporting cats. But I won’t subscribe to their 40’s box recommendation. I can’t. Who’s with me?