I’d Take Miley Over Simon and Charlie

You ever feel like you are the only one seeing something wrong?  That you must be crazy because no one else sees it? Well, this week that’s how I feel about the Miley situation.  As you know, since the VMAs … Continue reading

Five Things I Now Know Because of the VMAs

Even at 41, I still love the VMAs. Last night’s show was amazing.  And even with a silly awards show, I learned a few things.     1. I think Miley is sluttier than me, even in my best days. … Continue reading

An Open Letter To Andy Cohen

Dear Andy, I have always liked you.  Back when I thought you were just the witty mediator at the Housewives reunions shows, I knew you had a special spark.  You were funny and entertaining. When I found out you were … Continue reading

Gwyneth! Gwyneth! Gwyneth!

The other day I am shopping with Julia when a girl she knows approaches. Wearing a sweatshirt from the store, the girl asks, “Julia, do you have one of these sweatshirts?” Julia responds, “Yes,” and then the little girls says, … Continue reading

Taylor Swift and I Will Never Break Up

I cried at Taylor Swift last night.  Not because her unbelievable talent made me feel completely talentless.  Not because watching her made me realize that I too would like to play the banjo but can’t.  Not even because her bangs … Continue reading