Dear Jennifer Aniston,

Dear Jen, First let me just say that no one is happier than me that you are engaged.  I have struggled with you through the years.  I was cheering for you and Vince Vaughn, and I have even gone so … Continue reading

Is There A Quick Fix For Beauty?

I have had a hard time sleeping.  Waking up at about 4am every morning.  I quietly go into my son Jack’s empty room and turn on the TV.  And let me tell you, there is a wealth of information on … Continue reading

Kristen, You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Bella

I have to admit that I love a good celebrity scandal.  I was on a natural high for a week after the TomKat breakup.  This latest one about Kristen Stewart screwing around with her director, all the while an unsuspecting … Continue reading

Brad And Angelina Marrying, Say It Ain’t So

This is a difficult day for me.  Probably one of my hardest.  I just heard from a very reliable source, one of the premier news deliverers, TMZ, that Brad and Angelina are engaged. You need to understand something.  I have … Continue reading

What is So Wrong With Kim Kardashian?

I like to be liked.  I like when people like what I have to say.  So it pains me a little to write this article. But what is so wrong with Kim Kardashian?  A lot has been written in the … Continue reading