Happy Mother’s Day


I have poured 3,975 glasses of water for my kids.  Of those said glasses, I have cleaned up at least 1,000 messes.  I have worked on 20 science projects and had 300 well check visits.  I have made 6,000 school … Continue reading

Modern Family-The Modern Day After-School Special


I love Modern Family!! My whole family loves it.  I am always smiling at the end of it, and feel that I have taken some sort of lesson away from it as well.   It is our modern day After-School Special. … Continue reading

The Real Marriage Experts


I caught Sex and The City 2 on TV the other day and I figured out why I never liked it.  One, I missed Sarah Jessica’s mole.  Two, it makes me feel ancient when I see how old Samantha has … Continue reading

He’s Just Not That Into You…In Front of His Mom. My Search for Summer Danny


Ah.  The holidays.  A time of family togetherness, travel, eating, and the inevitable fight with my husband.  We live in Florida but travel quite a bit to New York for holidays.  I love visiting New York.  Change of weather, change … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy My Family Vacation


I am away with my family this week.  We are in Colorado skiing and it has been great.  Well, the only thing that hasn’t been great is my major gas problem in this altitude.  I must have 5000 pounds of … Continue reading