A Mom Finally Brags


So the other night I was out with kind of a new friend. We went through the getting to know you part. Then, the question. So, do you work? Even though I have been writing for some time now, I … Continue reading

Are Daughters Like Boomerangs?


I’m going to confess something right now. While I’m truly always empathetic when talking to my friends about certain issues, in my head I would whisper, “Jen, this isn’t going to happen to you.” Like a few years ago, when … Continue reading

A Mom Creates An Advice Baby Registry


Last night I was so excited to check out my friend’s baby registry. It’s crazy. My oldest is almost 16, and so much has changed with baby registries and what’s out there now for a baby. I bought her a … Continue reading

A Mom’s Top Ten List


I’m kind of upset David Letterman and his Late Show won’t be returning in the fall. He is one of the funnier people on this earth. So in honor of him I have made my own Top Ten List: Why … Continue reading

A Mom Writes A Truthful Camp Letter


It’s been two weeks since my kids have been away at camp and their teen tour. And yes I miss them. I try to write every day, but I have been noticing that my letters haven’t varied very much. I … Continue reading