Fashion Finds

A Mom Buys Lifetime Party Dresses

Its nice to start a collection of something, don’t you think?  For some, it’s photographs, or stamps, or vintage drinking glasses. For me, it’s party dresses.  When I see a great dress, I get it, and then figure out when … Continue reading

What Shoe Should I Wear?

Sometimes I will be in my closet for a very long time. Kids will be screaming for food, husband yelling up that we are going to be late. “Forward my mail!” I respond.  In my defense,  I struggle a lot … Continue reading

A Mom Likes to Share Her Summer Finds

With the kids away at camp, I am able to put my free time to good use.  That means I get to shop a little more, get a few more beauty treatments, and read about the latest and greatest tricks. … Continue reading

A Guilty Mommy Buys Shoes

You know how you go shopping with your girlfriends, and you may buy a lot of stuff, then you spend the rest of the day finding justifications for each purchase?  “I need that tan v-neck sweater.  I only have a … Continue reading

Underwear Is Not The Enemy

A short post today about Anne Hathaway and all celebs who are scared of underwear.  I feel terrible that Anne Hathaway, while promoting her movie Les Miserables, (that I am so excited to see) has to answer questions today about … Continue reading