A Mom Has A Bedazzled Valentine’s


Last night, as I was grocery shopping, I got such a kick out of seeing all the men scrambling to find flowers, cards, and candy for their mates.  I found it so entertaining that I told my Facebook friends to … Continue reading

A Mom’s Perfect Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Scott and I don’t really care about celebrating the holiday.  We find it a bit contrived.  The cards, the gifts, the dinner reservations.  I  admit I don’t find the gift part bad, and I guess … Continue reading

Healthy Competition With The Hubby


Competition often gets a bad rap.  There’s now a trend where everybody plays, everybody wins. But I find that competition can be healthy and is just part of life. As we get older though, it seems that adult competition takes … Continue reading

A Mom’s Definition of Romance


So in my dream, I am the Julia Roberts character from Pretty Woman.  It’s the scene where I am getting ready to go to the opera, and Scott presents me with the velvet box, he opens it, I get a … Continue reading

A Mom Likes To Close The Bathroom Door


I was watching a video of myself talking and I discovered that I may have a slight lisp. Me:  Scott, I think I have a lisp.  Do I sound like I have a lisp? Scott:  Yes, you kind of have … Continue reading