Raising Kids

A Mom Dreams Up Parenting Rehab


I’m not going to lie. This parenting thing has been kicking my ass lately. Of course, I will state the obvious. I love my kids, I love being a mom, yada yada yada. But sometimes, you go through a stretch, … Continue reading

Letting Our Daughters In On the Secret


It’s my time of the month …again, which I could have sworn just happened, but I always forget to write down when I get it, so the CVS guy has become my cycle calendar when he asks, “Weren’t you just … Continue reading

The Business Of Marriage


I should know it’s coming. Like when I get my lower back pain before it’s my time of the month. Every year during this time it’s the same thing. The Ross Corporation is open for business. With the school year … Continue reading

A Mom Waits For A Table


Maybe I was just really hot because it’s August in Florida and 87 degrees at 8:00 at night. Maybe it was because I was so tired due to the first week of school and my day now starting at 5:15 … Continue reading

My Kid Is Giving Me The Silent Treatment, And I Like It


Right now I am working from home. Let me paint a picture, like Monet. It’s 2:30p.m. and the house is empty, as all kids are away at camp and teen tours. True to Florida living, the skies have opened and … Continue reading