Shopbop Special Code


Hi guys. If you are in the mood for something new, or you have a party, or you are just a good person and deserve a package at your door in three days, check out  For my readers, at … Continue reading

Trendy and Smart


As you know, I was away for the weekend.  Instead of seeing the sights of St. Augustine, I saw the sights of my hotel room, as my son had 101 fever and sore throat and couldn’t move. But I am … Continue reading

Fall Shopping


Now even though I live in Florida, and the only seasons we have are Hot and Not So Hot, I still enjoy the idea that everyone is supposed to shop a few things for Fall.  I am realistic about my … Continue reading

New Spring in My Step


So I talked yesterday about how my visit to New York City gave me a little spring in my step. That got me thinking, if I am going to be walking around like a New Yorker, I need cute Spring … Continue reading

Dress Your Age


I am constantly questioning my ability to make parental decisions, still get in trouble by my own parents, and enjoy my kids’ television shows too much.  I mean, when you look up from the TV, and realize you are alone … Continue reading