Husbands Are People Too


I want to let you in on a disagreement my husband and I had recently.  We live in Florida and Scott has decided to take up tennis.  A few lessons here and there, and he is starting to enjoy himself.  … Continue reading

My Mind is Blank


“Kids, mommy is going up stairs to get something, be right back.” I am upstairs, shit, what did I come up here for? I literally have no recollection.  My mind is blank.  The same blank mind when I call someone, … Continue reading

Victoria Beckham and I Will Be Friends. This I Vow.


I recently came across this article about Victoria Beckham. In an interview with French fashion magazine Madame Figaro this month, she declares: ‘You’ll never see me on the street in a tracksuit. I just love fashion too much to wear … Continue reading

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! I Read that 50 Shades Book


So much in recent weeks about the 50 Shades trilogy, I thought I would offer my two cents. I had a friend who recommended the books to me.  Told me they would make me horny.  Yada Yada Yada, I read … Continue reading

Joanie and Chachi Didn’t Need That Much Privacy


I have to tell you that I am scared shitless to be a parent in this age.  Sometimes I wish I parented in the Cunningham years.  Things were so simple.  Maybe Chachi copped a feel over Joanie’s sweater set, Richie … Continue reading