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Welcome to Don’t Wear Sweats


I created this blog as a virtual girls night out. Some of my favorite times are with my girlfriends, sitting around laughing and sharing. Making fun of each other, ourselves, our lives.

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My Kid Is Giving Me The Silent Treatment, And I Like It


kid doesn't call

Right now I am working from home. Let me paint a picture, like Monet. It’s 2:30p.m. and the house is empty, as all kids are away at camp and teen tours. True to Florida living, the skies have opened and it’s raining and thundering. I actually made the conscious decision to get in a robe and write in bed. Why? You ask? Why the hell not? When do us moms get to just lay in bed, undisturbed, in peace and quiet? I mean, it’s happened before, but I … Continue Reading »

Things I Love About Being 42

1. I love the way the bags under my eyes make people think I was out late partying but I know I was asleep by 8:00pm

2. I love it when I go to get a spray tan and stand in front of the mirror but my eyes are closed frighteningly tight as if I’m about to go on a roller coaster.

3. I love it when I now smile at cute twenty-year old boys, I chance being profiled on Dateline NBC.

4. I love it when you see an old hookup after eighteen years and realize if he looks … Continue Reading »

15 Unexpected Things I Learned On My Guided Bus Tour

bus tours I just got back from a twelve-day tour of Israel. Before you go to Israel, and you talk to people about the trip, those who have gone usually say things like, “Oh my god, best trip of my life.” “Moving beyond words, you will come back changed.” But no one tells you the nitty gritty behind taking a guided group bus tour. They keep that from you. They keep a lot from you. But I found out everything. The hard way.

No waiter in Israel has ever uttered, “I’m sorry, … Continue Reading »

A Mom Cheers For The End Of The School Year

It sounds cliché but it’s true, as you get older, time goes faster. It’s just so hard to believe that the school year is already over. Not sure if you know this about me, but I’m not a big fan of school. Sure I want my kids to learn so that they grow up and have great jobs so that they can afford to take care of me, but in terms of the actual school year and what it involves, well, I could do without a few things:


Waking up early: My youngest needs to be at school by … Continue Reading »

Love To Share


Product of the Day May 30, 2014

Okay peeps. I am not telling you something you don’t already know. If you are not putting sunscreen on daily, mulitple times a day, well, how do I say this nicely, you are probably making the biggest mistake of you life. Bigger than when you let your eighth grade boyfriend go to second base on you and then he told all of his friends, and then you were known as hilly jen. Okay, small hilly Jen.

Everyone, kids, adults, dogs, should be wearing sunscreen. Especially with summer coming, you can’t have any … Continue Reading »

Kim and Kanye: It’s Not Going To Be Versailles And Fireworks Forever



I admit it. I watched a lot of Kimye wedding coverage. I mean, say what you want about them, it was something to see. The excess, the selfies, the cheekbones. By all news accounts a spectacular affair. Something, I’m sure, the newlyweds will take a long time to come down from.

Aside from the Best Buy top of the line tripod I bought the happy couple, I thought I would offer them a little marriage advice. Sure, Kim has been married two more times than I have, but something tells … Continue Reading »

Emma Thompson May Have Lost Her Sense And Sensibility

emma thompson working moms


I think it’s a thing of human nature that we need to make other’s position on things look bad in order to make ours look better. At least this is the case with mommy wars and a woman’s decision to work outside the home or stay home and raise the kids full time.

There are so many opinions about who has it easier and harder, whose kids will most likely be more screwed up, or which type of mom should have the most guilt.

I think the … Continue Reading »

The History Of A Mother’s Packing

kids packing

So everyone is going so crazy that this horse, California Chrome, might win the Triple Crown. Such a feat, I know. In the Ross home, I am going for a bit of a record myself. I like to call it the Jewish Triple Crown. That’s right, I have two weeks to pack for a trip to Israel for a family of five, two kids’ camp trunks, and my oldest’s duffle for his teen tour.

Many a mothers have done it, few have survived. If you walk around certain Targets, you … Continue Reading »

Bathroom Confessions

bathroom gossip

Well, it’s started. My daughter is in fourth grade and it has begun. Mean girls. I thought I would have until at least sixth grade, but no; I now have to give dirty looks to ten year olds. The stuff the mean girls do is pretty harmless, but to a ten- year- old, very upsetting. Every time Julia shares a story, I try to make light of the situation and tell Julia to not let it bother her so much. She will encounter people throughout her life that don’t think … Continue Reading »

Florals Always In Bloom

We wait with bated breath for the fashion magazines, fashion bloggers, and overall fashionistas to decree what will be the next big trend for spring and summer. And pretty much this time of year the fashion geniuses come up with, wait for it… FLORALS!!!

But I have to say, I always do love me some florals. I never have to cast them out of my closet, like I did with my balloon dresses, they will never go out of style, and once you buy a few items, you really don’t have to buy any more.

You can style them differently … Continue Reading »