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Welcome to Don’t Wear Sweats


I created this blog as a virtual girls night out. Some of my favorite times are with my girlfriends, sitting around laughing and sharing. Making fun of each other, ourselves, our lives.

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Don’t Stress the Mom Stress

mom time out


I would say I am stressed about something daily.


My kids.


My weight.


My garage.


My gluten.


My kids again.


My husband.




But I feel like my handle on the stress has gotten better with age.


I try to follow these tips every time I feel stress coming.


1) What’s your damage? Simply asking yourself what you are so stressed about it this first step. A lot of times I feel overwhelmed by the numerous tasks I … Continue Reading »

Letting Our Daughters In On the Secret

telling the truth


It’s my time of the month …again, which I could have sworn just happened, but I always forget to write down when I get it, so the CVS guy has become my cycle calendar when he asks, “Weren’t you just here getting these?”


Back at home, I tell my daughter Julia that I just got my period. She hears me grunt in agony, and sees me pop an Aleve. So I think she has a pretty good idea that I don’t love it. Sure I could hide … Continue Reading »

I Don’t Part With My Clothes!



Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? I’ve seen it a few times and I am always shocked and disturbed. The people they profile have serious problems saving literally everything. Their stuff is piled up in every room in their house, and it appears as if they don’t even realize it.


Well, I must confess that I too have been called a hoarder. But for me, it’s not newspapers from 1974, or old tv dinners left in the corner of my bedroom, it’s clothes. I have a serious problem … Continue Reading »

Joan Rivers:The Perfect Role Model



I admit it. I’ve been really upset about Joan Rivers passing. Of course I didn’t know her, only saw her perform once, but for some reason, this felt like a personal loss to me. I feel horrible for her daughter and grandson, and I feel devastated for Joan.


I am not a big celebrity person. Sure I read the tabloids, but that’s mostly for the fun of seeing cellulite on the celebs, or trying to figure out what the hell is going on with Jen Aniston.


But … Continue Reading »

The Business Of Marriage

Marriage and running a family


I should know it’s coming. Like when I get my lower back pain before it’s my time of the month.

Every year during this time it’s the same thing. The Ross Corporation is open for business.

With the school year two weeks in already; even though I feel like they have been going for months, our marriage makes a quick transition from summer bliss to the business of marriage.


It probably happens to most of us.


Business meetings about sneaker acquisitions for the kids. … Continue Reading »

We All Need A Little Optical Blurring

Product of the Day, August 26, 2014


Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm

I don’t know about you, but with each additional year under my belt, I wake up with weird marks and bruises on my body like I am living the real life story of Orange is the New Black and I’m getting in crazy prison yard fights.


Problem is, I still think I can wear short shorts and “slut like”dresses. I have recommended the Sally Hansen product, and it’s still great; but I have now found something I find … Continue Reading »

A Mom Waits For A Table


hanging with the kids

Maybe I was just really hot because it’s August in Florida and 87 degrees at 8:00 at night. Maybe it was because I was so tired due to the first week of school and my day now starting at 5:15 every morning.


But as I sat with my daughter waiting for a table at Cheescake Factory, I could have sworn this happened.


I walk up to the check in desk at Cheescake, but the host is actually my oldest child.


Me: I’d like a … Continue Reading »

A Mom Wants Real Friends


I’m not mean. I would never make fun of a pregnant woman. It’s the most beautiful time and all women carrying a child are beautiful. Especially Alyssa Milano. She’s gorgeous! I’m not going to point out what struck me about this picture because I’m too nice and classy, but I feel very harried in holding back. That’s all I’ll say.

Alyssa probably had a great baby shower with so many friends around her. Making her feel special and important during this wonderful time in her life. But are they true … Continue Reading »

A Mom Gets Weighed In


“We’re slowly dying in front of each other,” I tell my husband the other day. “That’s great,” he says. “We are growing old together.” “That’s not great. What is great about me completely falling apart?”

Understand. I had just asked him to bring my reading glasses down so I could read an article from Allure magazine. Without the glasses, I couldn’t make out if plaid was in for fall or out. Can you imagine the mistake I could have made? It’s in btw.

I had also had a pretty rough … Continue Reading »

I’m Sorry, Eddie Vedder

sorry flowers for eddie vedder


Dear Eddie,

My apologies. I have been travelling so I’m a little behind in some current events. I actually feel pretty bad. You see, my husband has always been a fan of yours. Loves your music. We would talk about it from time to time. It truly is incredible, your musical story. You from a very young age had a talent that few will know. You write your own music and your lyrics are incredible. So for someone like me, well, I interpreted that as meaning … Continue Reading »