A Birthday Dinner in Your 40’s

It usually starts with a group text…. Let’s celebrate so and so at this place, this time, there will be a group gift. I love my friends. I think a birthday is important and they should be celebrated. So I … Continue reading

A Mom Joins A Book Club

Well, it happened today. The thing I dreaded most. I had heard about it. I even know people who have dabbled. Some good friends, too. I just never thought I’d be one of them. The thing is, I’ve always prided … Continue reading

Are We Always In One Big Sorority Rush?

I can’t remember if I fed my kids yesterday. I mean, I think I did. I noticed the cookie bag was not closed completely. Yet, I can remember something from over 20 years ago like it was in fact yesterday. … Continue reading

The Lohan Of Parenting

You are the Lindsay Lohan of parenting, I tell my friend. What do you mean? Well, you always say you are going to take care of the problem, but you never do. You do things to put yourself in a … Continue reading

A Mom Fears The Tilapia Killers

We all know one.  We all ask ourselves, “Why wasn’t I pretending to tie my shoe when I saw one?” I call them the tilapia killers.  Let me explain.  Women more than men are a funny group.  We can be … Continue reading