A Mom’s Quarantine Finds

There was a great movie on HBO called Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. A true story about cousins of Jackie Kennedy. They lived in a beautiful home then became shut ins and a bit crazy.  

Well folks. Before I get there and star in Grey Gardens II I thought I would share the wonderful finds I have discovered during quarantine. 

Consider me the Mother Teresa of the shutdown. I don’t have any affiliation with these products and services. I just love them. Some, my friends have told me about, some I found myself. They are great and have made this time a little more enjoyable. 


I’ve always worked out. Usually at the gym or I go take a heated fitness class that I loved. Since the stay at home order I was forced to find alternative options as my husband thinks I’m having an affair with the pizza delivery guy. I’m not going to stop that relationship so I still have to work out. I love my Peloton bike but it’s kind of like getting waxed or having sex when you’re really tired. Torture, but afterwards you feel so much better. 

My friend told me about this app called Sculpt Society and I finally found a workout that I want to do every day. It has sculpting classes, dance cardio, combos of the two. The workouts are constantly being updated and the trainer/owner is adorable. It has changed my body and I’m kind of obsessed. Not as obsessed as the Facebook group, but I do peek now and then.


I’ve been late to the Instagram game. I thought it was all about girls in bikinis with weird kissy faces. But then I started following people other than my kid and her friends. And I discovered a whole new wealth of knowledge. During quarantine obviously, I barely wear makeup. I like a no makeup makeup look and Gucci Westman, makeup artist to everyone you love, started a clean makeup line called Westman Atelier. Every product is beautiful, feels beautiful on my skin. The colors perfect, the clean mascara, the best one I’ve ever tried. I also was able through their Instagram page to make a free online makeup consultation so that I would know the right colors and shades for my skin. They recommended the perfect colors and I have broken up with all of my other makeup. 


I am definitely moving towards clean products and of course your skin care should be as clean as possible as your skin is your biggest organ. I learned about Dr. Barbara Sturm through Goop, and started with one product, her most important according to her, the hyaluronic serum, which has been amazing, and now, after a facetime consult with one of her skin consultants, I have graduated to her line. I love the company for the ingredients in the products, the attention to the different skin problems we deal with, and the incredible customer service. I will go after the glow until I die and her products are all about the glow. The drawback is these ingredients are expensive so her products are an investment.  

Home Goods:

Because we have all been home so much I think we are paying more attention to what we have in the house and what we need.  As I have shared with you, probably my favorite thing is a good cheese plate and I have found one that makes creating a cheese board fun, and impresses others, tricking them into thinking I’m a super talented host. The site Uncommon Goods has amazing unusual house products and gift ideas. And let’s be honest, most of the stuff I registered for my wedding was the dumbest shit with no real attention to what I might need. I mean, it’s a rare day I whip out my Nambe or Costa Boda bowl. 


With all this time at home I did read in the beginning of quarantine. You know, I was motivated to learn more expand my mind. I loved The Tender Bar about the childhood of a long island boy who spent a lot of time in his local bar. Then I decided to drink like the main character through the rest of quarantine, and stopped reading. 

I’m scared as shit pandemic finds:

The most important things I have purchased during this pandemic are for the safety of my family and those around me. I have bought masks, sanitizer stands, wipes on a some super weird website, shields, and gloves. When I go to the grocery store I look like I’m going to rob it. When people come towards me I run. I flew once, which was ok, except I held in my pee for 12 hours.

Depends are my next purchase.

Please stay safe. Be smart. Enjoy the silver linings which I admit I may need to polish again. xo