This Mom Is Living In Mad Men

Help me out with an argument I have on a constant basis with the hubby. We do agree on most things, like how I look young, or that cooking is overrated, and that making the bed seems futile. But we … Continue reading

Can A Mom Really Be A Cook, A Whore, and A Lady?

What’s that line? A woman should be a cook in the kitchen, a whore in the bedroom, and a lady in the living room? Is it possible? Do you live like this? How about modernizing it, to, A woman should … Continue reading

A Mom Makes Her Own 50 Shades Contract

I never claimed to be that unique. So of course, last night I went with a few girlfriends to see 50 Shades of Grey. And it was great. Sure some will say it was stupid, that not much happened, that … Continue reading

A Mom Thinks Up The Greatest Invention Ever!!

Of course at the beginning of the New Year, you think about what you want for yourself and those around you. But I have to say, I saw Jerry Seinfeld being interviewed, and he says he doesn’t make New Years’s … Continue reading

A Mom Makes Her Sex Life Younger

If someone were to ask, “What is the sex life of couples married for eighteen plus years?” I would try to make my answer as relatable as possible. The sex life of married couples of eighteen plus years is like … Continue reading