Cinderella Needs To Wake Up

Last week my family returned to Disney world.  We hadn?t been back since 2006 and my son Jack wanted to revisit his youth before he turned the big 11. The Magic Kingdom doesn?t change.  With the exception of a few … Continue reading

Marriage’s Mini-Fights

The other day, right after our kids left for school, I looked and Scott and asked, ?Babe, do you think X is done growing? Is he tall enough?? Annoyed, Scott questions, ?How am I supposed to know that? What am … Continue reading

A Mom Has Hotel Sex

So Scott and I just got back from a great Bahamas weekend getaway with friends.  Everything was perfect. I love going away with Scott.  We relax, we talk about things other than kids? schedules and who has to be where … Continue reading

A Mom Rewrites Her Wedding Vows

Scott and I recently celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  Every year we look at each other and agree that we can?t believe we’ve been together for so long.  I still pass study hall notes to him at the dinner table. … Continue reading

I Will Be Your Wife This Summer, Nice To Meet You

I am experiencing something for the first time.  An empty house.  All of my kids are gone for the whole summer.  They are away at summer camp, and for the first time in twelve years, my husband and I are … Continue reading