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I Will Be Your Wife This Summer, Nice To Meet You

I am experiencing something for the first time.  An empty house.  All of my kids are gone for the whole summer.  They are away at summer camp, and for the first time in twelve years, my husband and I are alone.  Just him and me.  Just me and him.  Just the two of us.  Mano a Mano.

It?s a strange thing.  We are married sixteen years, but it is harder to remember those times when it was just the two of us.  I kind of feel like we are dating again for the first time.  So of course, the likely questions one asks when they first start dating are: Will I like him?  Will he like me?  What if when we go out there are awkward silences?  Do we need to talk about our exes? Are we only going to talk about the kids, or only eat at restaurants that provide free WiFi so we can decipher our kids’ happiness in camp pictures?

Don?t get me wrong.  I am quite excited for this new chapter for me and Scott.  We can just focus on us.  We can eat Chinese food in bed at 3 in the afternoon.  We will be able to go to a movie at 11am just because.  We can go to trendy restaurants and get dressed up on a Wednesday night because we don?t have soccer practice to get to.  We can take romantic strolls on the beach and run into each other?s arms.  We can have deep conversations about life, and our family?s future.  Basically, we can live out the perfect movie montage set to music.

In reality, we will have some of those moments, and then we will have the moments when I talk for hours about how gratified I feel that I cleaned out my kids closets, and organized the pantry.  ?Scott, you gotta see the playroom! I worked so hard on it!?  There may even be those moments where Scott and I take a breather from one another.  ?You take upstairs, I get the downstairs.?

But I guess what you are all thinking is that this summer will be the summer of sex!!  No reason not to do it all the time!! Can?t say, ?kids are in the other room?.  Can?t say, ?I am so beat from driving around all day.?  Can?t say shit!!  Just keep doing it, and doing it.  Every day, every room.

So yes, this will be an interesting summer.  I will reintroduce myself to Scott, and he to me.  And on visiting day, when the kids tell me how happy they are, that they love camp, I will run to sign them up again!

Cause between you and me, who doesn?t love eating Chinese food in bed?

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