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Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross

Jen Ross is a former New York City lawyer who gave up her career to be a mom, blogger and soon-to-be author of “Don’t Wear Sweats… Or Your Husband Will Leave You.”

After years of being a stay-at-home mom, she knew she was onto something when she mistakenly walked into the wrong house, spent two hours with another family, and couldn’t tell the difference.

With so many stories to share and advice to give about how to navigate the ins and outs of kids, husbands, friends, fashion and beauty products, Jen was compelled to write her book, Don’t Wear Sweats… Or Your Husband Will Leave You. To read this book, is like having your best friend right there with you.

As she says, “I love to talk about everything… raising our kids, raising our husbands; and I will buy ANYTHING that will make me look six years younger.”

Join her on her blog for more entertaining and enlightening musings on life.

Grab a glass of wine, kick back and relax. We are in this journey together. Go ahead and share your innermost feelings. In this world of high-strung, type-A parenting and “friending”, Jen allows us to be our vulnerable selves and gives us the ability to do something rare – laugh at ourselves.

  • Here's my hubby who lets me write whatever I want about him. And he will grocery shop too. I hit jackpot!

Jen as a Writer

I created this blog as a virtual girls night out. Some of my favorite times are with my girlfriends, sitting around laughing and sharing. Making fun of each other, ourselves, our lives.

I love to talk about everything. Raising our kids, raising our husbands. I like girlie stuff too and sometimes I just want to talk about lipgloss or how to look less tired.

I am about trying to get the most out of life and picking up pointers from everyone around me.

I find life entertaining, and try to not take everything too seriously, because there are too many serious things out there that could potentially keep me in my pajamas, rocking back and forth in the dark.

I loved living in New York City, but had to move to the suburbs for hubby’s work. After years of ear infections, runny noses, and the realization that I couldn’t rock a turtleneck for the rest of my life, I begged my husband to move to Florida. If you are going to live in the suburbs, shouldn’t you be warm?

So three kids, two dogs, one husband of fifteen years and I think I have enough material to share for a while.

Love me, hate me, just join me. Oh, and don’t be scared by my blog title. I am wearing sweats as I write this, and I think my husband is still in the other room…Honey?