The Family Vacation-Los Angeles

I am going on a girl’s trip next week to LA and I’m super excited to do absolutely none of the things I am suggesting for your family trip, unless your family drinks heavily together and talks about stomach bloating. … Continue reading

The Art of Packing

As you know I enjoy travelling. But I hate packing and unpacking. First, I have a hard time limiting what I pack. I want to have options. What if I run into Mindy Kalig and she thinks I’m funny and … Continue reading

15 Unexpected Things I Learned On My Guided Bus Tour

I just got back from a twelve-day tour of Israel. Before you go to Israel, and you talk to people about the trip, those who have gone usually say things like, “Oh my god, best trip of my life.” “Moving … Continue reading

New York-My Kind Of Town

New York City makes for a fantastic family trip. With endless amounts of sightseeing, museums, great restaurants, and my favorite, Broadway, you will never be bored. There truly is no other place like New York. I lived there and visit … Continue reading


As promised, dontwearsweats is starting a travel section. We will have great suggestions for destinations and secrets to how to make your kids less annoying on family trips. The best tip I can share with you about family travelling is … Continue reading