A Mom Writes Her First Dear John Letter

Dear Revolve, Shopbop, Forward, Zimmerman, Reformation, and many others, you know who you are,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and this is definitely the hardest letter I will ever write. It’s not that I haven’t felt the love or appreciated all you have given me. We both have invested a lot in this relationship.

 When I’m happy you are there, and when I’m sad, you may be there for me even more.  You’re always sending me cute sexy notes of love like “Hey you want a private look?” You even notice what I care about “ hey I saw you eyeing something. “

And in this really stressful time you are reaching out to me more than ever, making me feel hope with “hey girl 20 percent off” and “I got you free shipping”

That’s why this letter is so difficult to send…
It’s not you. I know everyone says that but I really mean it. It’s me. You see I’m not going anywhere for a while, and you love when we go places, try new restaurants and show off. But recently, my views on life have changed. 

I really like elastic now, and my kitchen.

So goodbye, and maybe, and this is a strong maybe, we will be in each other’s lives again. 

Remember you always had me at last one in stock