A Mom Makes Her Own 50 Shades Contract

I never claimed to be that unique. So of course, last night I went with a few girlfriends to see 50 Shades of Grey. And it was great. Sure some will say it was stupid, that not much happened, that … Continue reading

A Mom Makes Her Sex Life Younger

If someone were to ask, “What is the sex life of couples married for eighteen plus years?” I would try to make my answer as relatable as possible. The sex life of married couples of eighteen plus years is like … Continue reading

I Will Be Your Wife This Summer, Nice To Meet You

I am experiencing something for the first time.  An empty house.  All of my kids are gone for the whole summer.  They are away at summer camp, and for the first time in twelve years, my husband and I are … Continue reading

Was Mommy A Good Wifey?

Well.  It’s been a few weeks since the inception of my experiment. (See Mom’s Very Own Science Fair)  And what can I say?  We under-performed like the Yankees.  We were going for the championship, and we got swept in the … Continue reading

Mom’s Very Own Science Fair

It’s been about a week since my last post.  Let me explain.  I had a bad case of food poisoning.  Now an Edibles fruit basket would have been nice, but don’t feel too bad for me.  I am a glass … Continue reading