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It?s been about a week since my last post.  Let me explain.  I had a bad case of food poisoning.  Now an Edibles fruit basket would have been nice, but don?t feel too bad for me.  I am a glass half full kind of gal and there were some positives to my most recent predicament.  One, I lost the stubborn two pounds I needed to before my son?s Bar Mitzvah.  Two, I literally watched eleven straight hours of Gossip Girl, and three, I was able to stay out of a grocery store for a full twenty-four hours.

The negative, I am running behind on my Science Fair project.  ?What project?? you ask.  Okay, let?s catch up.

So last week at my speaking engagement, my marriage therapist expert advised the audience that we all need to be having more sex with our husbands.  Even if we thought we were having enough, we need to have more.  Something about closeness, communication, intimacy, yada yada yada.

So for the benefit of my readers, and commitment to learning more about this marriage thing, I have decided to listen to her advice.  I remembered that there was a recent show, called, 7 Days of Sex  on Lifetime.  I think the show’s goal was to help save people?s marriages, like VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Now because I am competitive and an overachiever, I have vowed to take on The Ten Day Experiment.  It?s more than seven, and less then a fortnight, which should only be reserved for Wimbledon.

I have also decided to run this like I do my kids? Science Fair experiments.  I will have an hypothesis and independent variables, and of course, like all Science Fair experiments of the past, I will be doing most of the work.

Question: When a married couple has relations for ten straight days, do they become closer, more intimate, create a stronger bond?

Hypothesis: Having “relations” for ten consecutive days is like placing an order for mozzarella sticks.  It?s always a good idea in the beginning, but after three, you might not want anymore.

I will report from the field in my future posts.  I will take my commitment to science very seriously.  I don?t think it?s too early to think Nobel Prize.

Oh, and I will tell Scott about this too.  Something tells me he will be on board.

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