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I am going on a girl’s trip next week to LA and I’m super excited to do absolutely none of the things I am suggesting for your family trip, unless your family drinks heavily together and talks about stomach bloating. … Continue reading

Hi Guys. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not too early to start collecting some great hostess gifts for Thanksgiving, and all the holiday parties you will have coming up. And one of my favorite places to find … Continue reading

I have been using something lately that, dare I say, has changed my life. Well, maybe I?m exaggerating a little, but, when I use it, it makes me extremely happy. And you are probably going to think I am the … Continue reading

Spaghetti squash. I literally had never heard of it until around two months ago. And I was okay without it. With all the buzz around me, I figured I had to try it. But last night, as I took it … Continue reading

I’ll let you in on a little secret as to why Scott and I work. I tell him how excited I am about I just ordered, and he acts like he is excited too that I now own the perfect … Continue reading