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The Best Thing Ever

I have been using something lately that, dare I say, has changed my life. Well, maybe I?m exaggerating a little, but, when I use it, it makes me extremely happy. And you are probably going to think I am the dumbest person ever, because you have been using it for years.

But understand that I just started going to these types of stores. Never felt comfortable walking into one before. I didn?t think I needed the help, or didn?t want anyone to see me. But I?m forty-three, and realize that it?s okay to admit you need help in ?that area? sometimes.

All right, get your head out of the gutter. I?m talking about kitchen and houseware stores.

Well, perusing the store, I discovered this:

strawberry-cutterThis cuts the top off the strawberry. You just push the green button down, twist, and voila, done. I know, I know, you are saying, ?Jen, how lazy can you be, just take a knife and cut off the top.? And my answer is, ?Really lazy.? So lazy that I have filled up a bowl of captain crunch for kids instead of cutting the strawberries.

I?m telling you. Try this tool, and I challenge you to not admit that it is fun to use, and so much quicker than using the knife.

Buy It Here: Chef N Stem 

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