Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do But Didn’t Have The Time Or Patience:

Welcome to my continuing hopefully limited series on the quarantine. As you know from my previous articles, I am a glass half full kind of girl. I am still in week 4 of this “special time” in our lives and still see the positive in all of this. And I’m sure we have all taken advantage of this time to do things we never had the time to before like:

  1. Grow Out Eyebrows Like Vintage Brooke Shields
  2. Find different power cords and see what they charge
  3. Have a crack at this shaving whole leg thing
  4. Go through 100 of my white tanks and make hard choices
  5. Start my Own Fear Factor Game and see How Long Ice Cream can be frozen and still taste good
  6. Track down all of my passwords
  7. Floss
  8. Download new playlist to nano I just found
  9. See if I look distinguished with gray hair
  10. Expand on previous task and create a really elaborate senior citizens costume to get into grocery stores earlier.
  11. Make instagram worthy dishes of Amy’s canned vegetarian beans beautifully plated on seasoned soap and water lettuce with a sprinkle of lysol, minted scent
  12. Try all of my Sephora shit samples I have received in exchange for 7000 beauty points
  13. Just take a peak at Eharmony.. but Scott and I are fine. Really. Better Than Fine. Like I loved my lesson on dish placement in dishwasher yesterday. Super helpful.
  14. Take The Perfect Nude Selfie
  15. Find the perfect photo filter
  16. Write Kim Kardashian to see if she can get me out too.
  17. Learn Chinese so I can learn how to say “Where the fuck is Wuhan?

Stay safe and sane everyone. xoxo