A Mom And Dad Learn How To Keep Romance Alive

I love going out with other couples for a good night out.  We eat, we drink, we share stories.  Here?s a doozy from the other night.  My initial shock was tempered by the lesson I learned upon mulling their story … Continue reading

A Prude Goes to A Sex Shop-Thinks It’s Bloomingdales

Warning!! To my Mom and Mother-in-Law.  We are entering sensitive territory!  Do not proceed!  Everyone else,  I would like to tell you the story of my first visit to a sex shop. We need to go back a bit.  I … Continue reading

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

Got a call from my friend recently.  She informed me that my daughter told her daughter what sex was.  “It’s when a guy and a girl make out under the covers” Julia explained to her friend. I was of course … Continue reading

What Men’s Magazines Can Teach Us Wives

So Scott reads Men?s Magazines like Men?s Health and Maxim and from time to time he likes to offer me little tidbits of information.  This last one was actually good. It was an article about how to achieve the best … Continue reading

The Science of Sex

I talk about sex with my friends a lot.  I like talking about it.  I find it interesting to get everyone’s take on a married sex life.  I am not nosy, it’s not like when I am not with them … Continue reading