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A Mom Thinks Up The Greatest Invention Ever!!

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Of course at the beginning of the New Year, you think about what you want for yourself and those around you. But I have to say, I saw Jerry Seinfeld being interviewed, and he says he doesn?t make New Years?s resolutions because if he wants to change something he just changes it at that moment. I think that?s a great lesson to follow. I got rid of my forehead lines in August.

That being said, as I was in Target buying Huggable Hangers to make my closet clean and perfect in the New Year, I thought to myself, ? That woman who invented these is brilliant!? Yes, I am extremely jealous, yet admire her at the same time. She saw a need for something in her life, and invented it.

Fast forward a few days, and there were a ton of news stories about the movie Back To The future, and how that movie had made predictions about what 2015 would be like. Some were accurate, like Facetime, some not, like flying cars.

I also saw another news story about robots currently being used in the workplace.

Eureka! I am giving that Huggable Hangers lady a run for her money.

What can I invent that all women need, want, would make their lives better, and better the lives of those around them?

The BloBot. What if I could create a life-like robot, and all she had to do was help out the hubby when he asked for something special? The robot would have no emotions, and would never say no. I could use a remote from anywhere in the house, and when the hubby called on me, Blobot appears, he?s happy, and I can catch up on Showtime?s The Affair.

Pretty brilliant. Right? Some might ask, “What if the husband starts to confuse his relationship with the BloBot, and becomes emotionally attached?” But I worked out that glitch. Every once in a while, Blobot says, ?Did you call the AC guy?? or, ?You really need to start working out.?

Did I mention I?m working on a program to have the Blobot make lunches?

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