A Mom Reads Between The Facebook Lines

    Last weekend I was having a conversation with girlfriends about Facebook.  We were laughing about the different ways people use it and their reasons behind it.  Let me preface this judgmental yet lighthearted post by saying that I … Continue reading

A Mom Gets Busted Gossiping

As a mom, you hear yourself teaching your kids lessons all the time, knowing that you may not always follow. “Lay off the junk food” and you pick up a pack of Sour Patch Kids at checkout. “Be active” while … Continue reading

When The Going Gets Tough

I was a huge Lost fan.  The ABC drama starring Matthew Fox, who apparently isn?t the sweet Charlie we remember from Party of Five.  I mean, the man likes his cocktails.  Anyways, Lost was this great show about a group … Continue reading

Traveling With Friends

As you know, I love vacations.  Hate the packing, always forget a toothbrush, my razor, and my favorite tank. So I look uncute and stubbly.  I digress.  I usually like going away with just my family.  I have never been … Continue reading

Is It A Happy Birthday?

As I plug in ?39? for one of the last times on my elliptical, a tear drops on the machine.  It?s a few days until my fortieth birthday, and I?m sorry, but it?s a little depressing. I am sure my … Continue reading