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When The Going Gets Tough

Relationships and leaning on people for support.

I was a huge Lost fan.  The ABC drama starring Matthew Fox, who apparently isn?t the sweet Charlie we remember from Party of Five.  I mean, the man likes his cocktails.  Anyways, Lost was this great show about a group of people stranded on an island.  It was about time travel and G-d and I think in the final episode we were watching everyone going into heaven, and everything was supposed to be explained, and I still don?t know what happened.  But I loved it.

Sometimes when no one is looking, I get deep and analyze things to make sense out of them.  And to me, Lost was a great representation of life.  You live, a lot of crazy shit happens to you, it?s over, and you?re not sure what it all means.   Don?t get excited, I am not about to tell you that from watching the six seasons, that I now know what it all means. But this is what I know right now.

I know Friday I was getting my nails done, planned to run some errands, but instead received a call from my mother that my Dad was in the hospital and needed to have heart surgery.  I know that that was the scariest phone call I ever remember getting.  I know that you never want to see your parents so scared, especially your dad.  I know I have told my mother that I want them to go together rather than either leave the other alone, because they are so in love.

So Saturday my Dad went into emergency bypass surgery.  I knew everything would be fine.  But it felt a lot better being surrounded by all my mom?s friends who didn?t leave our sides.  Friends that have known my parents since I was in my mom?s belly.  I know that I wouldn?t have been fine had my best friend not taken over for me, caring for my kids all day, then finding time to come sit with me.

I know that unfortunately, I am at the stage where I might be in more hospital waiting rooms than I ever wanted to, but my relationships will always help me and are at the core of my life.  With my parents, with my husband, with my children, with my friends.

These relationships are what our lives are made of.  I never think about what comes after.  To me, heaven could be getting locked in a mall, after hours, and I could take anything I wanted.  I try to concentrate on the here and now.

So helpful hint.  Cherish your relationships, appreciate what is around you, and if you are lucky enough to have your parents around, call them a little more.  Cause ?Oh, I thought your phone was out of order? is Jewish mom code for ?WTF, why don?t you call me more??

And if anyone can explain what really happened on the last episode of Lost, I would really appreciate it!

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