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Don’t Wear Sweats Holiday Gift Guide

gifts for holidays

I have really been out of it for the past couple weeks. My daughter got a concussion during her soccer game and we were housebound, no electronics, no television, no light, for a full week!!! I felt horrible for her, really I did. But I was with her for seven straight days, she slept with me so I could nudge her every night to make sure she was okay, and I savored our time together. And I don?t think her dizziness or nausea had anything to do with me.

I tried not to use my computer very much as I didn?t think it was fair. When she was sleeping I secretly worked on my holiday gift guide. I honestly can?t believe next week is Thanksgiving and we are thinking about the holidays. But it?s here, and I find with each year it gets more and more difficult to find good gifts. I like buying gifts that maybe you wouldn?t buy yourself but love receiving.

Check out what I found last week, in the dark, while my daughter was sleeping and dreaming about a time when she was able to look at Instagram without getting a concussion headache.


And check out my DWS picks on my site, because you deserve a gift too.





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