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It’s My Fault She Has Her Tongue Out In Pics

miley tongue

Miley Cyrus, Not My Daughter. Just in Case You Were Wondering

Me: Honey, I am so happy you have been brushing your tongue.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Well I looked at Instagram and your tongue is out so I guess you want to share your dental hygiene with your followers.

Her: Bitchy look

Here?s the thing. I am not the best at monitoring Instagram. She?s twelve and I figure the pics are pretty innocent. I?ve seen a lot of them and they are pics of her with friends or on vacation. But the other day my friend called and told me there was a pic of her with tongue out. I thanked her for telling me, took a look and told my daughter to take if down.

The picture wasn?t horrible. But really, there is no reason for her to have a picture with her tongue out. No reason for any of these young girls to have their tongue out. When did the pose with tongue even start?

It?s hard to constantly check social media, I know. One, you look at the pictures, and think, when did my kids get so conceited that they post a million selfies. Second, constantly checking definitely cuts into my Housewives screen time.  But we signed up for this kind of shit when we had four tequila shots and said ?just pull out?. It?s our job. Kids will post things they think are perfectly innocent, where we might find the posts age inappropriate or sending the wrong message.

And the thing is, when I didn’t look my best or did something inappropriate there weren?t ten million ways to record the moment. And I could just keep saying, “No I didn’t, No I didn’t, No I didn’t Okay, prove it, show me.”  Those were the days.

What I try to stress to all of my kids is that what they do is permanent. The moment might be fleeting, the record is permanent.

So if I don?t take charge, check my kids posts, monitor, and ask for certain deletions, then it?s my fault her tongue is out, not hers.

If you don?t tell your son that taking a pic in a towel that?s wrapped way low is wrong, then it?s your fault for the impression that might give, not his.

If I don?t make the rule, no random bathing suit pics just to show you have a cute body, then it?s on me, not her.

It?s on us.

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