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This Mom Wants To Get Her Skin Glow On

I want to keep in her my house for like a week, and watch her wash her face at night.

I want to keep in her my house for like a week, and watch her wash her face at night.

In DontWearSweats continuing series, I Don?t Want To Be In My 40?s, every day this week I will discuss a beauty product, or fashion suggestion, or exercise that I believe will help us not cry about our age, or resent the high school girls I see working out at the gym, then ordering fries after.

And just so you know I am calling it a continuing series because I think it sounds more enticing. Kind of like, A very special Grey?s Anatomy. (I mean, I’m not going to judge you, but if you are still with Grey’s, call me)

Anyways, last night I had a crazy dream. I?m out for the day on the ocean with my husband and my dermatologist. Something goes terribly wrong. There is dinghy for only two people. Omg. Who do I choose?

Come on people. Don?t be ridiculous. You know who I chose. I?m not disgusting. Besides. Scott has proven to be a strong swimmer.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I do love my dermatologist. And not just because she is artful with a needle. But because she is conservative and recommends great products for me.

I am actually starting to think that women are getting too many injections and eventually there will be a lot of people looking like Caitlyn Jenner, who I completely support and hope is happy.



So skincare for me is and will always remain the most important part of my beauty regimen. At 43, I have tried everything. I will try everything. Proactiv. Yes. Meaningful Beauty. Yes. Jade Roller. Yes. Mommie Dearest Face in Ice Bucket. Yes. And don?t think that Jane Seymour?s Crepe Erase hasn?t sparked my interest either.
The sane part of me knows there are new products every day, new advancements. So as to not get too overwhelmed, I ask my dermatologist what to use and follow her recommendations.

For the past six months I have added a product that I really like. Hyaluronic acid has been a big buzz word for a while. Apparently, as babies, we are born with a lot of hyaluronic acid. This is why their skin is so soft and smooth. Guess what? After forty, this decreases a lot. So adding a serum with hyaluronic acid will provide moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin?so they say. I have to say I definitely found that my skin feels smoother and very moisturized.

Dr. Oz even says it?s great for skin, and dare I say, I look dewier than I used to.

There are so many products with this particular ingredient out there, so it?s important to find the one right for you.

I use Teoxine RHA Serum***, and I keep re-purchasing it, so that?s a good sign, and even though I?m not getting carded yet, when I stare at a young guy, they don?t wince, or call the cops.


Good luck and thanks for tuning in to this very special Don?t Wear Sweats.

And if you have a great tip, leave it in comments and share. It’s unfair not to. Just tell me, okay?


***Make sure to ask your skin care professional about any new products you might want to try. Also, shop around to get the best price. Amazon prices for certain products are much higher than other sites. Always google your product and compare.

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