A Mom Hates Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash. I literally had never heard of it until around two months ago. And I was okay without it. With all the buzz around me, I figured I had to try it. But last night, as I took it … Continue reading

A Mom Breaks Up With Bread

Dear Bread, I am so sorry. I don’t know how to say this. Remember when we spent time apart before Jack’s Bar Mitzvah? How I told you I couldn’t see you anymore because not looking bloated in pictures was more … Continue reading

Am I Like All Uncool?

There have been some great lines courtesy of movies and television shows that every time they are used, they evoke a memory or a feeling. You had me at hello-Jerry Mcguire Your girl Is lovely Hubbell-The Way We Were I … Continue reading

A Forty-Something Teaches A Twenty-Something Something

I have had three consistent fantasies for a good part of my adult life. You know the first one. It’s the Pretty Woman dream. The sales lady is rude to me, and I return the next day, with a huge … Continue reading

A Mom Gets Weighed In

“We’re slowly dying in front of each other,” I tell my husband the other day. “That’s great,” he says. “We are growing old together.” “That’s not great. What is great about me completely falling apart?” Understand. I had just asked … Continue reading