My About To Turn Forty Bucket List

Just got back from Universal Studios. Have been there more times than I can remember, but have never purchased a turkey leg.  Maybe because I am a pescatarian.  But I always wanted to get one and hold it.  I told … Continue reading

Can I Still Relate To TV Shows Like Girls?

Caught the first episode of Judd Apatow produced Girls last night.  It?s a show about twenty-somethings in New York, trying to find their place in life, making some questionable choices along the way. I enjoyed the first episode and will … Continue reading

How To Care For Your Skin

Well, it happened again.  I didn?t wash my face last night.  It is the one thing that I should do every night, and sometimes I am so exhausted that the thought of heading into my bathroom to go through the … Continue reading

My Mind is Blank

?Kids, mommy is going up stairs to get something, be right back.? I am upstairs, shit, what did I come up here for? I literally have no recollection.  My mind is blank.  The same blank mind when I call someone, … Continue reading

I Might Not Be That Happy To Turn 40

I am lying on the table.  Still a little out of it.  But awake enough to hear people around me.  ?Why is her gown up?? one nurse asks.  ?It was a mess in there!? the other responds.  I think they … Continue reading