Is There A Quick Fix For Beauty?

I have had a hard time sleeping.  Waking up at about 4am every morning.  I quietly go into my son Jack?s empty room and turn on the TV.  And let me tell you, there is a wealth of information on … Continue reading

With “Friends Like This”

I am forty years old and have had a monthly visitor since I was thirteen.  When you first get your period, you are instructed to call it your ?friend?.  As I grew older, I always questioned this.  Why would this … Continue reading

Universal Beauty

I am a professional eavesdropper.  Don?t discount this. I can listen to other people?s conversations while appearing to listen intently to my husband.  We will be out to dinner, and Scott will try to talk to me, I will smile, … Continue reading

Is It A Happy Birthday?

As I plug in ?39? for one of the last times on my elliptical, a tear drops on the machine.  It?s a few days until my fortieth birthday, and I?m sorry, but it?s a little depressing. I am sure my … Continue reading

Mommy Is Shaving Her Face Right Now

We meet in dark alleys with our Starbucks.  We keep our drapes drawn so that our children won?t scream when they see.   We use words like ?hormonal imbalance.?  We cry to our dermatologists. We are women who have facial hair.  … Continue reading