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Mommy Is Shaving Her Face Right Now

We meet in dark alleys with our Starbucks.  We keep our drapes drawn so that our children won?t scream when they see.   We use words like ?hormonal imbalance.?  We cry to our dermatologists.

We are women who have facial hair.  Accept us.  Learn from us.  Cry for us.

I am one of these women!  What is happening to me?  Why am I getting some blonde fuzz on my face?  What did I ever do so bad to deserve this?   Don?t misunderstand, I am not some freak sideshow circus lady, but I don?t want any hair on my face!  Am I just supposed to accept my fate?

Hell no!! Did Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie accept their small boobie fate?  Did Ashlee Simpson accept her nose fate?  I think not!

So, for the good of womankind, I have been researching solutions.  Of course, consult with your skincare professional about these options.  I don?t need lawsuits!

  1. Vaniqa   This is a prescription cream that reduces the rate of your hair growth.  You will still need to use your preferred hair removal procedures, but less often.
  2. Laser Hair Removal– I have used this for my bikini area and underarms.  Very effective!  The laser is like a pulsing light that zaps, like a rubber band, at the hair follicle. Painful, but less painful than a complete stranger asking me if I want a buttocks strip, and them starting to do it because I didn?t understand the question.  Lasers for facial hair removal work best on dark hairs, and not light blonde peach fuzz. The treatments are usually spaced three to four weeks apart.
  3. Threading– This is a technique where they take a piece of thread and twist and turn it across the face.  The movement removes the hair.  It?s pretty cool and I have gotten my eyebrows done this way. This method provides temporary results like waxing.
  4. Derma Planing–  A friend of mine told me about this procedure.  So for the sake of science and research I tried it.  This is by far my favorite.  Derma Planing is a form of manual exfoliation. The technician uses a thin blade.  This removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin really smooth. It definitely removed the little hairs and my skin felt amazing.  You MUST go to a trained professional for this, so do your research!

These are just a few options. Like I said, do your homework about these procedures. And for anyone who is interested, we are meeting at the Starbucks tomorrow at 9, the one that loses its power a lot.  Nice and dark!

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