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Universal Beauty

I am a professional eavesdropper.  Don?t discount this. I can listen to other people?s conversations while appearing to listen intently to my husband.  We will be out to dinner, and Scott will try to talk to me, I will smile, and say, ?Quiet, he?s about to come out to his parents!?

So the other day, I was sitting at the hotel pool, Scott to my left, and I was listening to two beautiful Persian women discuss, with pure excitement, the Stars Without Makeup Tabloid Issue.  With each picture of a celebrity looking ugly they became happier.  I actually knew what they were talking about as I had the issue in my beach bag.  ?You see,? they smiled as they surveyed a makeup free Eva Longoria, ?everyone needs help in the makeup department, they aren?t perfect .”

Listening to these women talk confirmed what I have always believed.  Women seeking beauty is truly a universal thing.   No matter where you are from, how much money you have, what religion you are, we all want to look pretty.  If only the Israeli Women and the Palestinian women could have some sort of Avon Party, peace in the Middle East wouldn?t be that difficult.

I can meet any woman, and we can connect on this subject. Some might find that superficial, I think it?s women?s camaraderie. We are all searching for the secret product or regimen to make us look and feel better.No matter what any woman claims, they want to feel pretty and attractive to other people.  Except maybe this one woman I saw recently who needed a bath, shampoo, and a bra.  She didn?t seem to care that much.  But for the rest of us, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty and maintain ourselves.

My position on this came to life when I had a facial at the hotel, and at the end, the facialist offers me a 10% discount card for next time.  ?I really recommend the 90 minute anti-aging facial. It will really help with those fine lines and discoloration.? I look at her, holding back the tears, ?But you should really see me with makeup on!?  ?Oh, and can you write down all the products you used??

P.S. I now use tomato seed oil on my face!!!

*Don?t Wear Sweats wants to hear from you!  Comment on your best beauty product recommendation. We will test all of them and then let you guys know which ones are the best!

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