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A Guilty Mommy Buys Shoes

You know how you go shopping with your girlfriends, and you may buy a lot of stuff, then you spend the rest of the day finding justifications for each purchase?  ?I need that tan v-neck sweater.  I only have a crew neck one, and the v-neck would be better at night, and I get cold.  That was a great purchase!  I don?t feel bad about that purchase.  Don?t you think??  “Yes, that was amazing. You definitely don?t have anything like that.?

Well, yesterday, I played the justification game again.  Except, this time, it was whether I was a good mom or a bad one.

It?s Dec. 26th.  For Jews, a holy day.  It is up to 70% off sale at Saks. The day that makes it a little okay that we can?t have a fun colorful tree or fun songs to sing on our holiday.  The day that I pick up my bestie at 6:45 am to get to the front of the line at the Saks door before they open at 8:00am to try to be the first to grab designer handbags and shoes.  The day for the committed or those who should be committed.

So picture this, we get in the doors, by the time we get to the purses, women have grabbed about twenty and the shelves are empty.  The shoe department is even crazier.  My size 9 shelf is almost empty.  There is one pair of horrible Jimmy Choo sequin slip ons.  We feel defeated.  We feel that we don?t have what it takes.  But I have been to this rodeo before, and I know if we just believe, good things will appear for us.  I tell Amy to hang in there.  And that?s when it happened.  8:10 am: The call.  ?Mom, it?s Jack.? He?s been with Scott?s parents in Boca for a few days. ?I have 102.2 I really don?t feel good.?  ?Okay baby.  We will come get you. I love you.  Did you take Motrin??

?Shit!? My mommy brain wheels start spinning.  I call Scott at home.  He?s taking off from work.  ?Babe, Jack is sick.  Can you get him? ?  Scott says yes, and also suggests that Jack should probably go to the doctor.  “Good thinking!  I?ll text you the number.  It?s crazy loud in here.”  Okay. So everything is taken care of.  Jack has motrin, will get home, and go to the doctor.

Throughout the day, Amy and I play the justification game and repeatedly tell each other how fine Jack is.  ?I mean, what could I really do?  He probably just wants to watch TV.  I would probably bother him.  He probably doesn?t even want me. Does this look good on me?? “You’re a good mommy, Jen, you’re allowed a few hours.”  I mean, Scott is a loving attentive father, and he really appreciates when I don?t pay full price.  He knows what to do. He can take care of Jack.

But who would care for the 70% off shoes and purses.  Who would be there for them?  Give them the attention they deserve.  And a lovely home. This mom would. This mom cares enough.  And this mom was rewarded.  As she arrived home at a decent time with red marks on her arms from carrying the shopping bags, she gave her sick son, who now had a wonderfully cool 98.6, a kiss, and her husband a big hug.

Everyone is fine and happy.  I watched some movies with Jack. We laughed. I felt his head.  I rubbed his back.  I told him a million times that I loved him.

And then I fell asleep on the couch.  Shopping can really take a lot out of you!

*If you judge me for this, I am totally kidding.  If you would do the same thing, I can’t wait to show you what I scored!!!

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