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A Mom Buys Lifetime Party Dresses

party dresses

Its nice to start a collection of something, don?t you think?  For some, it?s photographs, or stamps, or vintage drinking glasses. For me, it?s party dresses.  When I see a great dress, I get it, and then figure out when and where I can wear it.  Maybe not the best system, but in the back of my mind I always think Julia will eventually invade my closet and say something like, ?Wow, Mom, I never need to buy a dress, I can just slut up some of yours.? Those are the the moments that make this whole parenting thing worthwhile.

So during this party season, I have searched to find great dresses to take you not just through the end of 2013, but for life!!!

These are just a few ideas for your party season. Happy collecting and Happy New Year. I think I’ll wear the red one to my next Shoppers Anonymous  meeting.

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