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A Mom Gets Smart And Saves Her Date


She walked through the school. Looked innocent enough. No one payed much mind to her.  Moms are walking through middle school all the time. Maybe she was a volunteer or selling snacks to raise money for the school.

But something was different. She looked determined. She looked scary. And then, she approached. ?I need your verbal commitment you are coming to X?s Bar Mitzvah.? And another, ?You?re coming right?? And on and on it went. Kids were running away from her. ?She?s coming!” they screamed. ?Just tell her you?re attending!?

This is not a Jewish urban myth. This is a true story. And it happens much more than you think. Its origins go back to Rebecca and Sarah I believe. They were both having Bar Mitzvah?s the same day and it was not pretty when the discovery was made. It got ugly. Sheep were stolen, Rabbis were bribed and colorful coats went missing. (I think I might be a little off with the Jewish timeline)

And I get it. I had a Bar Mitzvah last year. I worked really hard planning it, obsessing over it, starving for it. I was lucky that my son didn?t have a conflict with anyone. I don?t know what I would have been driven to do if he did. Maybe pull a Tonya Harding with the other mom; maybe I would have started a rumor that a certain Pop Star that rhymes with Suno Cars would be performing at Ben?s.

Here?s the thing. It?s such a special day, and you want everyone you invite for your child, and for yourself to share it with you. Nothing is more devastating for a mom, (let?s face it, the dads are oblivious until they get the bill. ?You spent $500.00 on socks?!?) to realize that some of her kid?s friends won?t be able to make it or are forced to choose. For the mom, she can just completely cut off the friends from her life who don?t show, but for the kids, it?s not that easy.

That?s why my friends? new site is so great. It gives members an opportunity to post their mitzvah date on a local and nationwide calendar by school, camp, and zip code radius.  The site was designed to minimize conflicts between friends, especially with people in the same neighborhood attending many different schools.  SaveMyMitzvahDate is also a great resource for vendor listings.  Membership to the site is free, and take it from me, this is the only thing you will receive for free while planning you Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

I know for me, with two more Mitzvahs to plan, I will definitely be using it.

Cause I?m thinking Suno Cars’ price has gone up a lot.



*Dontwearsweats is not affiliated with SaveMyMitzvahDate.  We just like to bring you great resources to make your lives a little easier. xo

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