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A Mom Likes to Share Her Summer Finds

With the kids away at camp, I am able to put my free time to good use.  That means I get to shop a little more, get a few more beauty treatments, and read about the latest and greatest tricks.  All in all, become a much better, more well rounded person.

Because I have only been home alone a week, I only have a few, but I will throughout the summer share more and more of what I have found.  Consider my quest like Eat, Pray, Love, but call it, Shop, Gloss, Exfoliate.

I love all of these products, but if you are not convinced, I would try samples first.  And remember, I have no connections with any of the products I am recommending.  It’s just me, your little lab rat, trying everything for you.

If you have any questions about any other products, let me know.  I have probably tried them, because I might have a bit of a product problem, or will check them out for you.

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