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A Mom Loves babyGap And Peter Rabbit

PeterRabbit baby gap event

My kids are thirteen, ten, and nine, yet it seems like only yesterday they were babies.  I reveled in dressing them in their adorable babyGap onesies and I made my weekly visits to their store where I would buy up any new items.  That’s why I was so excited when the Gap, in partnership with Milk+Bookies, asked me to help commemorate the 110th anniversary of the beloved Beatrix Potter book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, with the reading of it’s sequel, The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, written by actress and writer, Emma Thompson. Inspired by both of these wonderful stories, Gap has introduced the most adorable limited-edition collection for babyGap that brings to life a modern interpretation of the enchanting world of Peter Rabbit.

To celebrate this collection, Gap is hosting a special reading series for children and their parents on January 26th at select babyGap stores in major cities across the country.  Guest readers will read The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, and families will enjoy activities and snacks that bring the world of Peter Rabbit to life.  In addition, Milk +Bookies, a wonderful non-profit organization that encourages children to donate books to children in need, has organized in-store book drives where shoppers can donate their literary favorites on the day of the event.

If you are in the South Florida area, please join me for a great day at the babyGap, Dadeland Mall.  You can find more information about your city’s event on Gap’s Facebook page.

Even though I can’t force my big boys to get in those cute onesies anymore—G-d knows I’ve tried; they will never grow out of snuggling with me while I read them a great book.  And I will never grow out of visiting the babyGap and buying the best gifts for all my friends with babies. They have promised me I can put them in onesies.

Check out some of the great pieces from the collection.  You can view the entire collection at

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