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A Mom Loves Drugstore Beauty

We celebrated the Jewish new year this week.  A time to reflect on our past year and look forward to the next.  A time to thank G-d for everything we have.  I  expressed gratitude for my family?s health and happiness and for Ray Donovan.
If you haven?t caught Ray Donovan, start.  Liev Schreiber is hot, Irish, and takes care of any problems his clients have, by any means necessary.  I suppose the Jewish version, Ray Donovitch, would take care of your mother-in-law problems.


I digress.  I was also thankful to G-d that he had me in my car at the exact time beauty editors on the Martha Stewart channel were reviewing their favorite drugstore buys. I love listening to experts, reading articles about the latest products, and trying them out.

After hearing the segment, I did what any product obsessed woman would do.  I  told my friend to pick up Julia at the bus, and went directly to Walgreens and stocked up.


Like your wardrobe, the best beauty routine mixes high and low products.  Trial and error will help you find the best routine for you.

* I always say it, but just in case you missed it, I don’t receive anything for the endorsement of these products.  

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