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A Mom Misses Her Stirrup Pants

moms in stirrup pants

I was shopping in a Theory store the other day.  Sitting in the dressing room I watched a young girl buy her New York City wardrobe.  She was interning there this summer.

I told her I too interned in New York City, but back then I bought all my work clothes at Ann Taylor, and I looked mighty spiffy.

I told her how much I loved that time. How much fun she was going to have.

I also told her when I liked one her outfits and when I didn?t.

I felt a pang of jealousy.  Not that I want to go back but she had her whole life in front of her, and pretty much half of mine has passed.  I wouldn?t change anything, but there are definitely things I miss about being so young:

1) I miss my young smooth knees

2) I miss not having roots

3) I miss being able to say ?Can you give me two cheeseburgers and a large fry??

4) I miss guys thinking I might be slutty

5) I miss not having to worry about skin over my bra

6) I miss being able to drink during the day and then having enough energy to drink as much at night

7) I miss not having to say,? just put a little between the eyes?

8) I miss not knowing what a kegel is

9) I miss sustaining only on what the corner deli had on its shelves

10) I miss being able to read my menu at a normal distance

11) I miss when people actually called me on the phone to communicate

12) I miss stirrup pants

There are so many more things I miss, but I can?t remember!!   So I wished the nice, maybe a little frightened of me dressing room girl good luck on her New York City adventure.

And I wanted to tell her it only gets better, but I was crying and couldn?t get anything else out.

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