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A Mom’s Guide To Black Friday

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Ah!  The season of thanks and family and over-eating.  Brings tears to my eyes.  But really, it is the season of setting your clocks and getting to the stores the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas early enough to achieve a high greater than any Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes could dream for themselves.

Yes, the I just got the best deal on these designer shoes high! I may have divulged in past posts that I like to shop, and consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. That is why I want to offer you some tips to fully enjoy these sometimes stressful shopping outings.

1)  Get Spies: Maybe it’s the Petraeus scandal or my love of Homeland, but I believe everyone is on the take.  Talk to the salespeople at your favorite stores.  See what will be going on sale or if it is at all possible to put some things in the back. If they work on commission, they might be more motivated.  And not that I ever promote this with my kids, but “Everyone is doing it.”

2)  Take this seriously and choose you shopping partner carefully: You have the opportunity to purchase items at great discounts.  Personally, most of my favorite things in my closet were purchased on sale, things I never could have owned otherwise.  So choose your shopping partner carefully.  It has to be someone who has the same motivation and drive as you do.  Someone fast on their feet who is willing to mistakenly trip another shopper.  Every day after Christmas, I shop with my sister-in-law.  She has the eye of the tiger and has aided me in owning Stella McCartney dresses for less than a Target one.

3)  Have Direction: Don’t think you can go to every store in the mall.  Have an idea of what you want to buy.  Do you need a dress for a party?  A great pair of winter boots?  Have your favorite stores sent you coupons?

4)  Don’t Make Friends: You know how on certain shopping expeditions you meet other girls and you have special moments like “That looks so good! You have to buy that!”  None of that on these days.  They are not your friends, they are looking in your hands, dissecting every item you are holding.  On these days, those same girls are thinking, “Is she getting that, I will grab it as soon as she puts it down.”

5)  Only the Weak Stop For Lunch: Pretend you are a coal miner and pack your lunch in your bag.  Granola Bar, sandwich, water.  These are long shopping days.  Do not stop for a sit down lunch or you will be stuck with the on sale Uggs, watching girls screaming over their on sale Louboutins.

6)  Have imagination: I have bought things that haven’t been perfect in the stores, but I know with some good tailoring, they will be great.  If it’s a great deal, and you can return it if the item doesn’t work out, get it.

7)  Don’t forget the internet: Go to your favorite internet sites.  A lot of them are having sales right now.  Call them to see when their best deals are coming up.

Okay, I think we have covered it.  Good luck out there!  Make your family proud of you!  But leave the kids at home.  They will only slow you down.

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

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