A Mom’s Top Ten Annoyances

top ten annoying things in life

Well it?s happening.  More and more every day.  I am forty and getting to be quite the curmudgeon.  I am complaining more, and things that wouldn?t annoy the normal person, I find I am getting quite annoyed.

1)   A text where everyone replies to all.  Please, please, when you respond to a group text, just send it to the person who sent it!  ?Can?t wait!?  ?Wouldn?t miss it?  ?I?ll bring my dancing shoes!? I can never get the time back it takes me to read and delete these responses.

2)   A mini car parked in a space I am trying to turn into but don?t discover there is a mini car there until it is too late.

3)   People who deny they have had work done.  You had thin lips yesterday!!

4)   Pains me to say this, but The Real Housewives.  I am starting to think they are not so real.

5)   My metabolism.  One nacho chip equals three pounds now?

6)   White wine.  I never used to get headaches, now one glass does me in.  I feel like I can?t depend on anything anymore.

7)   My kids farting in the car.  I used to think it was funny, now I find them repulsive.

8)   Twenty something girls posting on Facebook.  Are you taunting me?  I can get my hair shiny like yours if I deep condition with VO5 overnight then get a professional blowout!

9)   People who tell me to drink a green smoothie everyday.  Do you know what a pain it is to keep fresh kale in the fridge?

10) My kid not practicing his Hebrew.  I mean, you are getting paid to say the Halftarah!  I would sing ?Papa can you hear me?? for twenty bucks!

*Share the things that annoy you.  We can complain together and drink vodka.  No more wine for me.

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