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A Mom’s Top Ten List

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I?m kind of upset David Letterman and his Late Show won?t be returning in the fall. He is one of the funnier people on this earth.

So in honor of him I have made my own Top Ten List:

Why I Can?t Wait For My Kids To Get Home From Camp

10. I miss the math tutor.

9. I need shampoo and I know my son will be bringing home full bottles.

8. I was looking for a reason to not drink at 3:00pm.

7. I am getting sick of looking so fresh faced and awake.

6. I?m getting super excited to figure out our nightly dinners. (Scott and I have been playing our own version of Top Chef: ?Ok, you have a pear, coconut water and old cheese in the fridge, you have twenty minutes, Go!!?)

5. I have been dying to go to the store at 10:00pm for unlined notecards.

4. I have missed asking people if they have brushed their teeth.

3. I?m looking forward to my daughter starting middle school because I heard there is barely any girl drama or boy stuff to deal with.

2. I miss hearing, ?Where is my???

And the number one reason why I can?t wait for my kids to get home:

1. Looking through camp photos is too stressful. I want the real thing.


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