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A Real Mother’s Day Card


Treat., a new online greeting card company from Shutterfly

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I am not the biggest fan of greeting cards. They are too sappy and costing at least five dollars a card, a waste of money. I don?t expect cards on Mother?s Day. I do receive the Hallmark ones, with all these passages about how special Mother?s are, then my kid signs, Love, so and so.

My husband has actually given me cards and forgotten to even fill that out.

But I would love a card company that really said the truth about the child/mother dynamic. A card that spoke to what I am all about to my kids. Basically, a card company that lets me write what I really felt.  And Shutterfly Inc. has done just that with Treat.  Treat. is a great site that offers specialized designs for personalized greeting cards, birthday cards, e-cards and more.

This is what I would write:


I know I am old enough to communicate my emotions and thoughts, and I don?t always do that, and I know that I can seem like an ungrateful child at times who doesn?t understand that good moms don?t grow on trees, and it seems like sometimes you look at me and pour wine? so on this special day, I want you to know:

You are the Zephyrhills of water delivery

You are the Albert Einstein of Science Projects

You are the Rachael Zoe of styling for my bar mitzvah outfits

You are the Martha Stewart of splatter paint and rainbow loom craft projects

You are the Dr. Phil for all the advice you give me.

You are the United Nations interpreter for all my grunts

You are the Charlie?s Angel for always finding my shoes and backpack

You are the Dominoes delivery man for my forgotten lunch

You are the Colin Cowie planner for my birthday parties

You are the that Julianne Margulies character from that ER show for my various ailments, like my itchy ear

You are that fourth runner up from Top Chef for all of my dinners, actually fifth runner up

You are the Yellow Cab for all my carpools

You are the Mrs. Garret for the shoulder for me to cry on


For all that you are Mom, Happy Mother?s Day.

  P.S. Thanks for helping me make this card and for telling me who all these people were. Can we go to Spiderman 2 today and then get pizza?


Don’t Forget To Write Your Name!


Treat Card Example 2-2

There are so many great designs on Treat., you don’t have to leave the house and run the stupid, “I have to get a card” errand, and you can even add an amazon gift card to your order. You can basically be a hero to your loved ones, and the whole time you are taking care of it you can be in underwear and a facial mask.  Can’t beat it.

Be sure to visit Treat Greeting Cards for more of these personalized options.


Happy Mother’s Day!!



*I have not received any compensation for this post. I was just introduced to this site and I think it is great.







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