Brad And Angelina Marrying, Say It Ain’t So

This is a difficult day for me.  Probably one of my hardest.  I just heard from a very reliable source, one of the premier news deliverers, TMZ, that Brad and Angelina are engaged.

You need to understand something.  I have never gotten over THE BREAKUP.  I still picture Jen and Brad walking romantically on the beach, arm in arm.  Everything seemed okay.  Then next thing you know, they are splitting up and Brad is playing house with Angelina and child on some beach.

Sure, some of you will say, Jen, “Get over it, they have now been together for years, have a zillion kids.  Endless stamps on their passports.”

No can do.  I think what bothers me most about Angelina is how in your face she was with their affair, how unapologetic.  She gave interviews about it; she talked about how they fell in love on the set of their movie.  I would have respected her more if she just said, ?I made a mistake falling in love with a married man, and for that I am so sorry, but I know he is the one I am supposed to spend my life with.?  Instead, she did a magazine spread with Brad when the wounds were fresh.

So no, I won?t get over it.  I won?t send them a present; I won?t babysit their kids.  I will root for Jen to marry her hot boyfriend first and adopt seven babies.

And I will secretly kind of hope that what goes around comes around, and that Angelina will get all comfortable in married life, start wearing her sweats, and well, you know the rest?..


Jen Ross, “Author, Don’t Wear Sweats Or Your Husband Will Leave You”

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