How To Get Ready In Five Minutes

On Day 3 of DontWearSweats Continuing Series I Don’t Want To Be In My 40’s, I’d like to take you to a place we have all been to, no one really liked, but faked it because we love our kids. … Continue reading

This Mom Wants To Get Her Skin Glow On

In DontWearSweats continuing series, I Don’t Want To Be In My 40’s, every day this week I will discuss a beauty product, or fashion suggestion, or exercise that I believe will help us not cry about our age, or resent … Continue reading

A Mom Hates Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash. I literally had never heard of it until around two months ago. And I was okay without it. With all the buzz around me, I figured I had to try it. But last night, as I took it … Continue reading

A Mom Breaks Up With Bread

Dear Bread, I am so sorry. I don’t know how to say this. Remember when we spent time apart before Jack’s Bar Mitzvah? How I told you I couldn’t see you anymore because not looking bloated in pictures was more … Continue reading

Am I Like All Uncool?

There have been some great lines courtesy of movies and television shows that every time they are used, they evoke a memory or a feeling. You had me at hello-Jerry Mcguire Your girl Is lovely Hubbell-The Way We Were I … Continue reading