Modern Family-The Modern Day After-School Special

I love Modern Family!! My whole family loves it.  I am always smiling at the end of it, and feel that I have taken some sort of lesson away from it as well.   It is our modern day After-School Special. … Continue reading

Top Seven Things To Teach Your Daughter About Relationships-Why Does it Need to Be An Even Number All of the Time?

Let me tell ya.  I think my daughter is pretty lucky to have a mom who cuts through the bullshit.  I am like Mr. Miyagi, and she is my Danielson.  I am like Doc, and she is my Marty McFly. … Continue reading

Is Planning A Bar Mitzvah Like Becoming A Drug Addict?

I am the girl who just showed up to my wedding.  The one decision I had to make, my wedding dress, I messed up, and looked like Nancy Kerrigan from the 94 Winter Olympics. So you can imagine my trepidation … Continue reading

What Men’s Magazines Can Teach Us Wives

So Scott reads Men?s Magazines like Men?s Health and Maxim and from time to time he likes to offer me little tidbits of information.  This last one was actually good. It was an article about how to achieve the best … Continue reading